Breakfast/Brunch Restaurant St Kilda

The Best Brunch at St Kilda

At Pelican, we understand the importance of a cheerful and satiating brunch in determining how the rest of your day is going to be like. And that’s why we bring to a delectable spread of brunch dishes and beverages that can be rightly touted as one of the best in the whole of St. Kilda. Our handpicked ingredients and freshest of spices and herbs not only lend a distinctive flavor to our authentic modern Australian menu but also ensure that you get only the highest quality food for your money.

Prepared with care and finesse

best brunch at st kilda

Sometimes it’s the simple things that hit the spot most accurately. Soft boiled eggs, bacon butter and multi-grain soldiers for dunking. What are you having for breakfast today??

If you are looking for the best brunch in St Kilda, then Pelican is the definitive place for you to check out our exotic Mediterranean and modern Australian menu. Regardless of whether you are looking for fresh vegetarian food or just waiting to dig into a sumptuous eggy delight or some smoked salmon, our Modern Australian menu has a lot to offer.

We know that for making a flawless recipe, one needs to be mindful of the quality of its ingredients. At Pelican, we handpick only the finest quality ingredients and employ the top of the line culinary techniques to create a unique flavor and texture that lingers and reminds you of fresh home-cooked meals of your childhood. From our veggies, to our poultry and dairy products, we source everything from our local groceries to ensure that you can savor the real taste of modern Australian menu.

Our Breakfast/Brunch Goodies

Want some freshly baked English muffins or banana breads? Well then drop in at Pelican and try our soft and aromatic baked goods finished off with homemade jams, crunchy peanut butters and vegemite.

An extra serving of proteins early in the morning never really harmed anyone, did it? For that energy packed brunch to keep you charged all day long, you can dig into our luxuriously soft boiled or poached eggs or the traditional French toast with maple syrup.

If comfort food is what is on your mind then go ahead and try our signature Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich, Eggs Benedict, Breakfast in Delhi or the creamy Smoked Ocean Trout and get some serious carbs into your system. And if what we serve doesn’t do justice to your palette, you can check out our sumptuous assortment of sauces and chutneys to add that extra zing to your plateful of pure bliss.

Our Exotic Beverages

Brunch is the perfect time to reload your system with some delicious fluids and hydrate. Our modern Australian menu at Pelican offers an entire range of hot and cold beverages such as our signature Coffee by Romcaffe, Italy, Chai by Prana, Hot Chocolate, Iced Coffee, Freshly squeezed Juices and Soft Drinks.

Still can’t get rid of the party mood from last night? Well then you can walk up to our bar and place an order from our fine collection of alcoholic cocktails with a twist including Virgin Mary, Bloody Mary, Espresso Martini, Hendricks Martini, NV Paul Louis Brut, France and so on and have an exciting afternoon post brunch!

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